Pueblo’s Ultimate Guide to Burgers and Brews

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Burgers and Beer in Pueblo

Pueblo, Colorado, long hailed as the beer and burger capital of Colorado due to it holding the current record for “Most bars per capita” than anywhere else in the United States along with its equally notable flair for fashionable food. Casual beer drinker or discerning aficionado notwithstanding, one has only to ask the question of what goes best with a frosty libation and nine out of ten people will answer with a resounding “Burger!”. To this end, when traveling to the “Home of Heroes”, this guide will help you find out exactly what it is that draws people to Pueblo’s downtown beer and burger scene.

Michael Mahan, owner of the Gold Dust Saloon in Pueblo’s coveted Union Avenue district took a few minutes to educate us on the science of pairing these longtime favorites!

  • No Season required – Whether grilling outdoors on a

  • hot summer day or serving up a winter abby ale in the dead of winter seasonality has less to do with the two than other classic pairings.

That being said, let’s say that you prefer your beer to be light. A traditional burger or cheeseburger may be a better choice whereas an over-seasoned or spicy burger would well overpower the drink usually resulting in a lingering aftertaste.

The perfect example is Pueblo’s longstanding history with its festivals and many outdoor events that seem to dot the streets every year. Festival burgers are usually super greasy, and fat with still melting single layers of cheese, small and perfect for holding with one hand while strolling through the event sipping on a traditional light domestic like Coors or Bud Light!

Now if sweet burgers are your thing; Let’s say a “Hawaiian style” burger with pineapple or perhaps a sweet pulled pork slider on a Hawaiian roll then a darker beer, porter or stout will help accentuate the sweetness of the burger in a complimentary manner. Now it is important to note that these general guidelines can be used for other Pueblo favorites, like Bratwurst, Italian and polish sausage, the same rules apply.


Cheeseburgers: The Middle Man of the Burger World

Let’s for a minute assume that you love yourself a medium rare cheeseburger piled high with cheese and other traditional toppings like bacon. In this case, believe it or not, a more hoppy type beer such as an IPA does two things: It contrasts the richness of the beef patty while taking the edge off the sharp cheddar cheese.

This Tasty-Tactic Also Works with Another Pueblo Favorite; The Pueblo Chile Tortilla Wrap.

The chile-wrap, a well-known festival offering consists of slices of fresh, Pueblo green chile peppers and loaded with melted cheese and goes great with the IPA’s of the world for the same reasons as the aforementioned above. So if you’re looking for that perfect IPA to pair with, try this month’s IPA from Gold Dust Saloon’s #BreweryOfTheMonth (Uplslope Brewing Company) or similar which will cut through the salty bacon and enhance the flavor of the beef within.

But What About The “Other Burgers”?

In a world of veggie burgers, gluten free, keto options and more.. The Gold Dust Saloon has got you covered! Try an Amber or Brown Ale to add a perfect compliment to the palate for these go-to burgers

While not all inclusive, we hope that this handy guide will serve as a “cliffs notes” of sort when traveling through Pueblo, Colorado and looking for a culinary delight and frosty beverage combination.

And if you catch yourself in Downtown Pueblo and searching for the perfect burger restaurant, checkout The Gold Dust Saloon at www.golddustsaloon.net or call ahead to make a reservation today at (719) 545-0741!