The History Of Beer In America


Beer History in M’erica!

The United States is considered the Beer brewing capital of the world. Even though China actually supersedes its American counterpart in actual production, The U.S contains more breweries! In fact, across the United States, there are more than 3000 actual breweries from micro-pubs to full scale industry giants and in 2018 the fine folks in the red white and blue consumed over 182 million barrels of the good stuff.

Here’s the kicker, once relegated to a few choices foreign and domestic the world of microbreweries, craft beer and popularity of home brewing kits have given rise to more beer choices than ever before! This would account for the fact that on average, Americans consume more than 28 US Gallons of Beer annually. Despite the rise in modern trends, there was a time when beer sales in America were at an all time low, at one point almost coming to a complete halt!

Rise Of The Suds

Way before the first European settlers arrived, many native tribes in the “New World” were already brewing their own tasty libations with corn water and birch sap as opposed to barley. Fast forward this to 1612 just a few short years later when in lower Manhattan the first official commercial brewery was opened by Adrian Block and Hans Christiansen.

By 1810 there were 132 actual breweries in operation around the country, yet consumption of actual domestic brands was way down falling to the more popular British labels. This would eventually change when German Immigrants began to produce an improved type of all malt-lager that was darker and held a longer shelf life, so important a factor to commercial exportation and profitability.


D-Day & Breweries

January 16th, 1919 was a dark day for hop lovers everywhere for this was the start of prohibition. This forced nearly all but a few industry giants out of business and they only survived due to their ability to switch to manufacturing other products like malt syrup, non- alcohol grain sodas like root beer and such. It was a dark time for beer lovers indeed. Not ones to go quietly into the night however, beer drinkers rallied and lobbied against prohibition until finally in 1933 the Cullen Harrison act amended the law deeming 3.2 not potent enough to have ill effect and within 24 hours 1.5 million barrels of 3.2 beer had been sold!

With changing legislation came stricter policies and industry guidelines making it harder for many of the smaller operations to get back on board and the industry powerhouses once again dominated the playing field. Post prohibition would see much of the same until something great happened. In 1945 the war began and with it came greater need for a tasty brew after a long day and thus the birth of Anheiser Busch, Pabst brewing and Valentin Blatz who would go on to dominate the industry for another 50 years.

Local Ice Cold Beers

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